Teachers have their say…


PS 51, The Bronx New School

“I want to begin  teaching my inner city first graders about where the food they eat comes from (where it should come from anyway).  I want to teach them that they can eat food that is grown locally or organic and that it is better for them.  I want to give them the experience of visiting a farmers market and teach them how to find farmers markets in their communities.  60% of students at PS 51, The Bronx New School receive free lunch at our school.”


Butter Beans Kitchen, Brooklyn

Our two week food and garden camp includes 10 second and fourth grade students cooking their own lunch every day from fresh produce.  Randall’s Island Learning Garden showed them a variety of ways people are engaging with their food, the earth and their communities.”

Bronx Academy of Letters

“The visit was great! The staff was helpful and the kids got lots of great experience.  I absolutely felt that the Randall’s Island Learning Garden activities were suited to my students’ level of understanding and held their attention.  They loved what they were doing and applied it to what we were doing at our school at the time.  The fact that we were discussing these things in class made it much more practical and the students were able to apply what we had been talking about in class to what they were doing in the garden.  We applied the skills and concepts we learned tot he garden we started and the class on nutrition that was being taught.”

MS 447

MS 447″I just wanted to write and let you know how very pleased we were with the visit today MS447’s Exploration Program involves numerous trips, and this was definitely one of the best I’ve been on.  The staff were extremely friendly, well organized, and kept the kids in rapt attention – a touch task considering they are 13.   the day flowed beautifully, from the introduction through the tour and the planting onto the snack and wrap-up.  I felt very comfortable throughout the day and could tell that Gerard and his staff were very used to working with kids – this is something we don’t find at every organization’s education department.  The kids were very excited to tell their friends about their day when they got back to school and I told the program’s supervisor what a wonderful and informative trip it was.  It is nice to know that somewhere like this exists so close to us!  You are doing a great job!!”

P.S. 303 (Queens)

“Our classes are still talking about pesto and the pasta they ate.  One child commented that they never thought they would like green pasta, and said it was like Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham.  (He would eat it anywhere).   I also had several parents say the students went home knowing not only what pesto was, but some of the ingredients they use to make it.”

We looking forward to hosting many more school groups in 2012.  Please contact Phyllis Odessey at phyllis.odessey@parks.nyc.gov for more information.


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