Sneak Peak

The Horticulture Crew 2011

by Phyllis Odessey
(back row, short blonde hair)

This is the time of year when people ask what we do in January and February.  We plan, purchase, evaluate, order, design and organize.  The Learning Garden is a place to experiment.

In 2012 we will
…. compost using our new compost tea set-up.

We purchased the Keep It Simple, Inc. compost tea set-up because it was

Easy to Use
Easy to Set-up
Easty to Clean
and very inexpensive.
We’ve always wanted a greenhouse. Who doesn’t.  After five years, we finally made committed ourselves.  Our simple and small greenhouse, will provide a place for propagation.

Build a second rice paddy.  We are encouraged by our success last year.  We will be expanding The Learning Garden and included in that expansion is another rice paddy.  We haven’t decided on the variety of rice to be grown.
Growing new things is always exciting and challenging.  A friend at Brooklyn Botanic Garden told us she was growing sugar cane in her Brooklyn backyard.  We are going to try it.

Please come by once the season starts and visit The Learning Garden.


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