We have a name: CASA VERDE

By Phyllis Odessey

The past weeks have been an exciting time on Randall’s Island.  James Burns and Ulises Hernandez started work on our new greenhouse for The Learning Garden.  For two years, Eunyoung and I have talking about how wonderful it would be to expand our propagation “facilities” from one cold frame and some plastic tunnels to a small greenhouse.  Today, our dream has come true.

Ulises standing “in” the greenhouse

When we purchased the greenhouse online, we were given a choice FREE SHIPPING and put it together yourself (comes with instructions) or for a price greater than the cost of the greenhouse, the manufacturer will send technicians to your site.  We opted for DIY.  The instruction book is 50 pages long.  It’s daunting, but Ulises and James worked on it page by page.

Making the frame for the greenhouse

Putting down landscape fabric

Adding gravel

Putting it together piece by piece
The Greenhouse begins to take shape

Getting Closer

The final directions
It’s almost time to fetch the seeds…..
Eunyoung takes a look.
We’re done.  It’s 80 degrees in the greenhouse.  Start propagating.


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