It’s not T-Rex, It’s TREX

By Phyllis Odessey

I live near the Museum of Natural History.  It’s one of my favorite museums.   I never get tried of visiting old friends, like T-Rex inside.  When I asked Gerard Lordahl of GrowNYC what material we should use for the raised beds in The Learning Garden.  He said TREX.  I didn’t understand what he was saying  over the phone and asked him to spell it out T R E X. That is when I understood that T-Rex would not be joining The Learning Garden family, but something called TREX would be our construction material.

TREX is made from 50% recycled and reclaimed plastic and 50% reclaimed wood.
At The Learning Garden we try to garden as sustainably as possible, in all the materials we use.  No trees are cut down to make Trex products.

According to the Trex site,
“Trex saves around 400 million pounds of plastic and wood scrap from landfills every year.

70% of all plastic bags recycled in the US are part of an in-store collection program used by Trex.
3.1 Billion recycled grocery bags were collected for use to manufacture Trex products in 2010 of all plastic”.

The “rex” in Tyrannosaurus rex means king in Latin.  For us, TREX means another way of REcycling.


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