What Came First The CHICKEN or the EGG?

By Phyllis Odessey

When I get into something, I really get into it.  And that is why I love google.  You can search forever.  Google satisfies my desire to make an informed decision.

When you consider getting a dog or cat; bringing an animal into your home is a big decision.  Our farm is part of our home.  It’s part of the family of gardens on Randall’s Island.  And just as we research any plant we might add to the gardens; adopting some baby chicks is a big decision.
Easter is coming up; the farm is almost ready for visitors; our new Urban Farmer, Nick Storrs starts this week;  in conversation with chicken enthusiasts, both rural and urban, we still haven’t made a decision.  There are pros and cons to having chickens in an urban setting.  And then there is the manure, but that is another blog entirely.

I started the chicken decision making process, the way I begin any project.  Looking at book(s).
I would like to say these are the definitive volumes on all things chicken, but NO.  These are only the tip of the iceberg.  There is no time to read them all.

The Parks Dept. of the City of New York, in cooperation with Just Food has supported the City Chicken Guide.  We have ordered it.  In the meantime,  it’s back to google for me.  We will keep you posted on whether or not the chicken will come before the egg on Randall’s Island.


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