Companion Planting

By Nick Storrs

Things are picking up quickly as we continue to map out the garden. While planning where many of the transplants and seeds will go, I have been researching companion planting to help find new and interesting combinations of plants.

Companion planting is the art choosing different vegetables and flowers that, when grown together, help each other grow better than they would on their own. Companion planting can be used to supplement nutrients, like nitrogen, or to draw in beneficial insects like butterflies and bees. Certain plants will also help repel the bugs that plague others. By planting potatoes with coriander or dill, for example, you can control the potato beetles that may otherwise have hurt the potato crop. To maintain a healthy and strong organic farm diversity is essential and companion planting is a great tool.


In my research, I came across this excellent chart by the IDEP Foundation, which quickly and easily helps to find plants that compliment or antagonize each other. I will definitely be using it as a way to organize some of the plantings in the garden. Another great resource that I will be tapping into is the listing by Golden Harvest Organics, which has more in-depth information about plants’ relationships to one another. I welcome everyone to come by this summer and try to spot some of these pairings throughout the rows!


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