The Good Egg

By Phyllis Odessey

I am a sucker for cute stuff, but I never thought this predilection for “adorableness” would run to egg scales.

When we were looking on the web for chicken feed, this scale (see below)  was under the accessories category.  We had to have it.  Nick remembered that he had a similar scale as child.  I wish I could say the same.
We could have gone for a digital version of the scale, but what fun would that be.  This is what can happen when you start weighing eggs:
“Thanks to the handy-dandy egg scale my Dad gave us (don’t know why or how he came to have one), we’ve been able to keep track of the sizes as well. For the red sexlinks, it’s the only way to tell whose egg is whose, which is super important in case calcium issues should arise.  Skee, whose eggs had been mediums last winter, are now up to extra large sizes,  just like Louise, who is ironically our smallest bird.  Edith lays medium eggs pretty steadily with the occasional large.”  from

Stay tuned for the weighing of the first egg.

Cuckoo Facts:
208 million eggs are laid in the US each year
265 eggs laid per hen each year
2% of population of the US lives on farms
– from The Good Egg Project


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