Welcome to New York City

By Nick Storrs

10 new chicks arrived today! They came in pairs of Blue Andalusian, Black Australorp, Barred Plymouth Rock, Dark Cornish, and White Sultans. They’re only a day old and arrived by overnight mail.  They captured a lot of attention here as we settled them down in their new temporary home at the office.

Right now they are spending the night in a cleaned out drawer of the filing cabinet (we want to make sure we can keep them warm through the night), but by day they will move into a more spacious box for a little more leg room. It’s a bit snug but that’s New York. You gotta live with a little less space.

It’s almost hard to think in here with the whole flock peeping and chirping to beat the band. But it’s great to work with the sound of happy little critters nearby.

Already a couple haved been named. We are proud to introduce you all to Sobaco, Tony, Walter and Yoko. But we are still scramballing to come up with names for the rest. We invite everyone to submit names in the comments section.


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