It Takes Almost A Village

By Phyllis Odessey
I wasn’t sure it could be done.
Were we being too ambitious?
Was it to much to ask?
Could 21 volunteers of unknown skill build the following in less than 6 hours?
a rice paddy
a gourd tunnel
a corn crib
a melon trellis
6 raised beds

8 ft. fence
around the entire garden?
Goldman Sachs Community Teamwork volunteers built all of the above, creating our new garden.

I want to share a few photos from the day with you.
Starting with “fort knox”,our corn crib.
Why do we need a corn crib?
To keep a pest out, who keeps eating our corn.
I believe we have built the best mousetrap possible.

The rice paddy was built brick by brick, course by course.
A plastic liner added.
Next, volunteers added soil.
In the photo Eunyoung stomps the soil.  Next the propagation of 300 cups of  rice.

The gourd tunnel started with some posts in the ground.  The “tunnel” idea came from a similiar structure I saw in the UK.  Kids walk under the gourds, its a playspace and a growing structure.

Volunteers add the strapping and the “roof” boards.  In this photo, Goldman Sachs volunteers add the wire fencing for the vines to grow up.  It  is being stapled in place.

Planter boxes for the gourds to grow up and cover the tunnel were also built.

The melon trellis.

The western part of the garden is sloped. What could be built there?
A trellis which would work on uneven ground.
In this photo, volunteers add chicken wire which will allow the melon vine to cover the trellis .The raised beds are carried into place.  It was hard going. The beds are made of TREX, a dense recycled plastic material.  We went through all the battery packs we had for our 4 drills.  We use TREX because it’s a green material and unlike wood, kids can’t get splinters when leaning over the beds to plant.

It was getting late.  We started mulching.  3,000 sq. ft. is a huge area and requires  a lot of trips with wheelbarrows and buckets.

Another group worked on the fence, they finished before the day was over.

This is what can happen in a day… when you have  almost a  village

made up of dedicated, hard-working volunteers.

We thank all the volunteers from Goldman Sachs from coming out and making  this new space.  We will keep you posted on how its being used.


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