Sex Change: No Operation Necessary

By Phyllis Odessey

We were caught up in the excitement of having baby chicks.  Everyone who works in Icahn Stadium came by our office to take a peek.  Immediately, we began to characterize each little chick. .  We observed their behavior, their nesting habits, their colors, their ability to interact with others, the adventurous types  vs. those that were on the shy side.  After sizing the chick population; the naming game began. … Warren, Tony, Yoko.
Everyone  on our crew was satisfied that the chick and these three names went together.

As gardeners we know that nature is a more powerful than any other force.  And so it was in our little chick world.  We had to make some adjustments this morning.

Warren is now Wilma
Tony is Antionette
We still have more chicks to name.

Warren has become Wilma
Tony has become Antionette


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