Building upwards!

by Nick Storrs

With all the new construction going on in the Learning Garden, we have been exercising our creativity and sharpening our carpentry skills.  Merryl and I built a series of trellises to support the new vine tomatoes as they outgrow the Casa Verde. After all the building projects with the Goldman Sachs Community Teamworks volunteers, we were excited to keep our drills in motion!

Fred with the new tomato trellises

Merryl and I were able to salvage four pairs of tree supports from past years planting projects and use them to erect a frame over two of our raised beds. After the frame was properly braced, we hung twine from the cross pieces down to the tomato transplants. Soon as the tomato vines grow, we will periodically tie them back onto the twine for support.

Now we are left looking for more ways to play with tools on the farm!


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