Are You Ready For Your Close-up?

By Phyllis Odessey

We are not stars.  We go about our work.  The stars in our world are the plants we grow.  Today, was different.  Instead of head down, bent over a plant weeding; it was heads up!

A French TV Company, Home et Images Production came to The Learning Garden; to film a portion of their new documentary, “The Greening of the Big Apple  for Ushuaia TV.

We expected a film “crew,” instead just two:  Olivier le Bras, the film director and Fred Faure, the camerman .  We thought they wanted to film the garden, but to our surprise they wanted to film us in the garden.  A scramble for tools, a rush for plants and a few shirts straightened and we were ready for our debut performance.
Kaity Cheng, horticulture crew member was our liaison between French speaking filmmakers and English speaking gardeners.  When they were satisfied they had enough garden footage; each gardener had a close-up.  Finally Nick was interviewed.
After the facts were delivered, the final question asked by Olivier:
What is your green vision?
Nick’s answer:  We are trying to teach children where food comes from.

Will we make the final cut?  We will wait and see.


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  1. Le Bras

    Hi! i’m Oliver Le Bras(the french director). We past a wonderful day with your team. I will send you a link or a DVD about our documentary. See you soon.

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