Our Babies are Growing Up!

By Nick Storrs

Antoinette on the Scale

It seems like every time we turn around here at the garden the chicks have grown even bigger. The evidence is all around us. Yesterday I caught them peaking over the edge of their pen to watch me water. They needed to strain their necks but all twenty beady little eyes were watching me. Their food and water both seem to disappear more quickly now and they all weigh over half a pound. Just this morning, Jeff went into the storage room where the chicks spend the night, and found a couple standing up on the edge of their box. One flew back down into the box but the other went to explore the rest of the storage closet. Uh Oh! After a little while she popped right back into the box (I think she still wants to be with the rest of the gang). Needless to say the top of their box is now properly roofed!

So it’s about time they all had names. We got a couple great suggestions over the last few days and we can now officially welcome Finnick, Sugar, Rory, and Naya to the Learning Garden Family. Come on down and say hello to the growing flock!


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