All Together Now

By Phyllis Odessey

Releasing Lady Bugs
Releasing Fish into the rice paddy
Mixing soil for the cranberry bog
Planting Native American Cranberries
Planting marigolds
Planting Basil
Planting Water Lilies in the rice paddy
Planting Papyrus in the rice paddy
Making Agua Fresca with a bicycle blender
 Gathering Basil for Pesto
Gathering  Greens for salad
Painting signs for the garden fence
 Creating lavender sachets
Collecting compost
Feeding chickens
Learning how plants grow
Harvesting vegetables
Touring the Garden
Eating lunch prepared using ingredients from the garden

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Corporate volunteers from Bloomberg and students and family from PS 102 worked together and made their day in the garden a day to remember.  Everyone contributed: knowledge, hard work and dedication are what is needed  in a garden.  Without our creative and willing volunteers our garden would be bereft.  Their energy and enthusiasm make our work easy.  Thanks to everyone for a wonderful day.


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