Dispatch from the Jr. Explorers Club

E-mail from Eli:

Hope you guys had a great time on Monday!

Today is going to be really fun, you get to go play in the dirt a bit!

Go to Randall’s Island and find The Learning Garden.  There you can go
check out their really amazing vegetable garden, and maybe ask to see
their “Maison Poulet” or chicken house!  If you’re lucky, there will
be some chickens or chicks around for you to see!

Make sure to ask them about why it is so important to grow your own
vegetables, it is a purpose that is near and dear to my heart.  If you
do it yourself, I promise it will make them taste so much better and
its better for the planet!

Have Fun!

Hi Eli!

We loved the learning garden at Randall’s Island!   We got to feed chickens, we helped to cover the garden in mulch, and we ate the most delicious, fresh, ripe vegetables we have ever tasted.  We sat down and ate a giant salad together and made strawberry lemonade, using a blender powered by a bicycle! Then we stopped at another green market and tried fresh fruit, macaroons and donuts made by the vendors.

It is true, food tastes so pure and wonderful when it is straight from the source.

Thanks for sending us on another great mission!

The Jr. Explorers


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