The Summer Farm

By Nick Storrs

The Learning Garden has started to settle into it’s summer season. We many of our earlier spring staples have finished as these past couple weeks of true heat have decended the farm. Spinach, Broccoli Raab, and Pak Choi have been replaced with cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers.

Our tomatoes are just starting to break the six foot tall mark. We are already starting to pull the first cherry tomatoes off of the SunGold and Yellow Pear varieties. Everything tastes very sweet and fresh right now!

Here we can see the start of a crop of eggplants.

And our watermelons are still just babies, but they are growing fast!

We have already picked half of the cabbages when the Bloomberg volunteers came to help us work with the students, but the ones that are left are just about ready to be picked as well.

A couple of artichokes flowered last night in the heat and were drawing in bees and butterflies from all over today. They have such a beautiful flower, if they didn’t taste so good it would be hard to pick them!

Speaking of insects the lavender plant is in full flower and is thrumming with buzzing.

Our rice plants are also increasingly lush after transplanting them into the new rice paddies.

Our pepper plants are just starting to fill out. Hopefully by next week we will be ready to harvest these.

Even our apples are getting a little blush in this summer heat!

With everything doing so well its hard to imagine that before we know we need to start planning for the fall planting and getting ready for cooler weather. Right now we are just enjoying the hot sun and fresh tomatoes!


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