Farming weekend with Women in Need

By Nick Storrs

Over the weekend we hosted a great group from the Women in Need shelter. A great set of corporate volunteers from Bloomberg came and helped us prepare food and acted as great mentors to the kids. The Bloomberg volunteers were fantastic, they all worked well with the thirty or more kids and truly got involved in the their learning experience.

Bloomberg volunteers and kids helped us by making a new raised bed for the garden which they filled with soil and planted with peppers, red-stripped beans, and marigolds. In addition they helped to lay down some new mulch on the pathways where it had worn through. They also worked with Nina to paint new signs to hang on the fence of the garden showing off all the fruits and vegetables they saw. All morning they harvested armloads of food and helped to cook it all up for a feast of a lunch!

Everyone was able to go home with their hands full
of extra produce, lavender sachets the parents made, and a plant they potted themselves. We all had a great time with the kids from Women in Need and the Bloomberg volunteers. Thank you everyone for coming out and making it such a fun day!


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