Garden Hideaway



By Nina

Our gourd tunnel has become a sea of leaves and tendrils over the past few weeks.  It was hard to imagine how they could climb up and over the structure when they were just little shoots cowering at the base. But then one day they covered the walls, and a few days later a bed of big, sun-hungry leaves stretched across the roof.


The kids have been fascinated by the way each tendril reaches out aimlessly, then magically springs into a tight coil when it reaches something to hold on to. Tendrils that grow, grab and coil at such an astonishing rate it almost seems as if you can watch it happening.

 The Bitter Gourds have happily begun spreading out with all the space the trellis provides, looking bizarre with their globular skins. More like exotic eggs then vegetables. And as they are the same color as the leaves and still pretty small you have to do a bit of Easter egg hunting to spot them at first, then you start to notice that they are everywhere.


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