Getting To Know The Garden

I am Nina, the new Urban Farm Intern. I am shocked that it has almost been a month since I started working here, the time has flown by. I have watched and tasted the summer crops come into full bloom, and I have slowly found my footing among them (with Nick’s patient help). Getting to know the idiosyncrasies of a place always takes longer than you expect. Such as yesterday, it had started raining, a group of kids had just arrived and I was hurriedly disconnecting the water valve to turn the sprinklers off, only to once again be surprised by a  shocking blast of water in my face. A refreshing mistake when it was 90 degrees out.  Not when its thundering.

I grew up on a small dairy in Sebastopol, California where nature and animals and fresh food were all around. I was an incredibly lucky kid, but I was only a kid and I would be lost trying to figure out the ins and outs of growing my own farm. Especially when it comes to building things. So power tools have been a fun challenge to learn here. The other day Nick taught me how to use a circular saw to cut plywood for our potato boxes. I couldn’t help feeling like a kid playing with knives (with all the right safety precautions, of course).

And then there are the kids. Yesterday, several minutes after I got drenched in hose water, I had a group of  seven year-olds crowded around me, ecstatic to go learn about our chickens. And well, it is impossible not to catch their contagious knack for smiling.


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