Nesting Time

By Nina Dotti

Are eggs  graceful ways to reproduce chickens? Or are chickens very efficient ways for eggs to regenerate? Which came first the chicken or…

Whichever it may be our lovely ladies are getting ready to start laying so we built them some cozy brooding boxes to call their very own. Unfortunately for them, but lucky for us, their eggs will be the unfertilized, non-chick hatching kind. And  so soon enough we will be inundated with rich omelets and egg drop soup the color of a deep orange sunset.

After mapping out how to make the boxes, it was a bit like Legos, with the finding and fitting of the right pieces in the right places, and the hoping sections match up just right, and the margin of broken or missing pieces.




The ladies crowded around while we altered their home, more curious about the boxes edibility than their brooding capacities.  All happily being chickens, unaware of their bred-for motherly tendencies, until one day they will wake up to be happy egg producing chickens. All very simple and happy indeed.

Nick and Aaron built the beautiful barn with just the right space for two sections of four boxes, so the process of adding them went fairly smoothly. Although Getting the far row of egg nooks into the barn proved to be a bit of a challenge as I had to climb inside trying not to break the floor.
But with a bit of huddling inside and a touch of maneuvering around chicken excrement, the boxes went in with out a hitch.



All we need is a bit of straw to make them less like egg quarantines and more like egg nurseries.


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