Too Tall Tomatoes!

By Nick Storrs

Our tomatoes out grew their trellises!  We have been diligently pruning our tomatoes back to encourage a single open vine, and training it along a single cord tied to a high cross beam. This way our tomatoes will have plenty of light and air so they will stay healthy and make tons of tomatoes.  And with our warm sunny summer we have not been disappointed!


But our vines have outgrown their seven foot trellises and needed to be lowered. So this past week we began by pruning up the foliage and any low hanging fruit. We were left with a bare vine for the lower 3 to 4 feet. I then, carefully so as not to damage the vine, bent it over and reburied a portion of the vine close to the remaining foliage. The buried portion of the vine will create new roots and the tomato plant will be as good a new. The vines were all bent over in a clockwise direction so they would not grow into each other. Now they have an extra 3 feet of room to keep growing and giving us new tomatoes through the rest of the summer. Even the dragonflies are enjoying the view!



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