Bountiful Harvest

By Phyllis Odessey

We are overwhelmed.
150 pounds of vegetables harvested from The Learning Garden by Nick and Nina.
Our pick-up truck pulls out of Icahn Stadium loaded to the gills.
The delivery is going to a soup kitchen in East Harlem run by the nuns at Franternite de Notre Dame located at 2290 1st. Avenue.
All the services provided by the nuns is free to whoever is in need.  We are happy to be able to contribute to feeding the hungry.

Eunyoung Sebazco, Horticulture Manager for Randall’s Island Alliance passes by Korean Community Services of Metropolitan New York on her way home.  This is another organization we happy to bring our fresh organic produce.
We normally do not attach a monetary value to our produce.  Having more than enough to share is what a good garden is all about.  If we were to estimate the total value of produce delivered = $500.  This is a testament to the productive garden on Randall’s and the skill of our urban farmer, Nick Storrs.


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