Everything New Under the Sun

By Nick Storrs

With our first week of cooler weather behind us, it feels like fall is coming with bright sunny and clear days.  Many of true heat loving veggies have stopped producing and we have pulled up others in order to make room for the fall crops.  But so much more is growing up in its place!

Our luffas are taking over! Also called Chinese Okra, when dried out make exfoliating sponges. Luffas grow on a long strong vine that has climbed our fence behind the Garden.  After a small sun yellow flower they produce these long, heavy, dark green ridged fruit. We will leave most of the fruit on the vine to dry over the next month or so. When the skin has loosened we will be able to peel it off and the dried spider-webby centers will make fantastic sponges! But we can also eat it before it gets to that point. Last Monday, the class all broke a young fruit into pieces and gave it a try! It tasted surprisingly like a slightly spongy, sweet cucumber. It was so tasty that when we tried to give some to the chickens, everyone ate it before we could walk across the farm!

Nina and I have also been hard at work creating a new set of signs for the beds. We have all the beds numbered and grouped into color groups. This way it is much easier to help each other find the right beds. Most importantly it we will use it to help show how we use crop rotation on the farm.  Each year we will grow a different kind of vegetable in a different colored area of the garden. So while the tomatoes were in the Orange group this year next year we will plant garlic there. A lot of fun and it looks good too!


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