2013 Bigger and Better

OCTOBER 10, 2012
We will be at NEW GREEN CITY
Union Square
Come visit and learn more about our programs.

By Phyllis Odessey

Yes, we are thinking about 2013.  We are making a list of all the projects we want to do in The Learning Garden.  The list gets longer everyday.

We need your help to keep The Learning Garden and its programs vital.

On a recent trip to England, I stopped by an organization called Green Estate, a social enterprise organization in Sheffield.  I was particularly interested in how they “advertised” their volunteering opportunities.

“In these areas of work we will provide you with –

  • A full induction by us
  • A staff supervisor to support you in your work, provide reviews and ongoing appraisal
  • A detailed role description
  • A level of responsibility for making things happen, some autonomy and a chance to use your initiative
  • Satisfaction in seeing positive results from your hard work”

We  provide the same level of care and supervision outlined above.  If you would like to volunteer in The Learning Garden please contact:
Nick Storrs will be happy to put you to work.


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