What’s the attraction?

By Phyllis Odessey

2012 was our second year at New Green City.
Our table was crowded.
This year we brought a rice plant and…

Everyone uses it, but no one could figure out what this long, ridged, light-weight, possible vegetable was?
Cucumber we heard.
Zucchini some people whispered.
Is it real others exclaimed.
Many people with roots in the Caribbean recognized the plant.
In addition, the bicycle blender was a draw.  Jeff Terry helped countless “onlookers” become participants.  Everyone wanted a chance to froth the carrot juice.  But the real juice came from Nick Storrs, our Urban Farmer.

Nick is a people magnet.  People want to talk to him.  Whether it’s questions about farming, about problems in their own garden or the general state of the world, Nick gets to interact with everyone.  A reporter from CBS News was curious about The Learning Garden and we hope to see her in the garden at Randall’s Island soon.

If we missed seeing you at Union Square, be sure to stop by the garden during the next couple of weeks.  There are still eggplant and beans to be picked.


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