Slipping Through the Storm

By Nick Storrs

With all the destruction around the City from Hurricane Sandy, the Learning Garden dodged a bullet. As the storm was rolling in last week, we spent our time making sure the farm was properly prepared. I replaced the shade tarp over Case Verde and tied it down to the foundations to help hold it from blowing away. We harvested the rice plants and much of the tall crops before the high winds could damage them, and Sunday we stocked up the chicken on food and water.

All in all the farm came through with flying colors. Because the farm is located at the top of the hill on Ward’s Island the storm surge was safely below it (even if it was shockingly high!). The greenhouse is undamaged and even much of the new straw mulch on the garlic was largely undisturbed! Our chickens were a little bit ruffled and very happy to get back out of the Maison de Poulet but otherwise unharmed. We at the farm were very lucky.

Garlic sprouting after the storm


But the rest of the island did not fare quite as well. The storm surge has caused a lot of damage along the Waterfront and Sunken Meadow and there plenty of trees that have been damaged in the storm that still need to be cleaned up.  Much of the Waterfront is still closed and needs to remain so until the trees inside can be made safe and inspected.   Thank you every one for your support.


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