The Chickens Flew the Coop!

By Nick Storrs

Today we said “Good-Bye” to the chickens.  Sabaco, Luna, Yoko, Toni, and all rest went to join another flock at El Jardin del Pueblo in East New York, Brooklyn.  Gerard from GrowNYC, who came to give our flock a ride, said that they have about a dozen hens now and have space for an additional dozen. El Jardin also hosts children and students, so our chickens will not suffer from lack of attention and hugs!

The chickens were a huge success this year. Every time the students got off their bus and caught a glimpse of the chickens their eyes would light right up. The chickens were so popular and got so much careful attention we were  afraid Luna was going to turn into a bit of prima donna! We had such a great experience with them from when they were a day old, stretching their legs in our big cardboard box, to when they were full grown and able to fly to the top of our 8 foot tall fence.

While we are sad to see our ladies go, we know they have a good home and will be happy among a larger flock. El Jardin is much better equipped to care for them over the winter. With the cold weather over the past couple days and a storm looming it was the perfect time to move them to a new home. We will defiantly miss this bunch.  We can’t wait to raise another group next spring!


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