Imagining Apple Orchards

By Nick Storrs

Its still a little early but I have been catching myself walking out through the Apple Orchard ‘just to check on things.’ IMG_5169The buds may not be swelling yet, and when the wind blows hard the blossoms still feel an age away. But most of the young trees look like they are just getting large enough to need their branches trained.  So this spring we will start selecting the ‘scaffolding’ branches which will make up the main structure of our adult trees.  We will start to train them to spread at strong healthy angles, and to be spaced so that light will be able to enter the tree and encourage blossoming all the way to the IMG_5171trunk. A little bit of work now will create stronger healthier trees for years to come. It can be easy on cool windy afternoons, to get lost in dreams of what the orchard and farm will look like in years to come but that is half the fun!


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