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Our Edible Education Program at The Learning Garden is a FREE seed to table program for all New York City children.  The Learning Garden is a non-profit, educational program supported by Randall’s Island Park Alliance and YOU.

Wish List for The Learning Garden.
Every item on this list will make our programs more robust.

  • Expansion of The Learning Garden to include:  medicinal garden, edible weed garden, dyers garden and seating area for students.
  • Chalkboards for kids to use in the farm.
  • Tents for shading cooking area and a place for kids to get out of the rain.
  • Folding tables for the cooking area.
  • Propagation heating pads for our greenhouse that will keep young seedlings warm inclement weather.
  • Large compost bin system to generate more compost for the farm.
  • Free workshops for high school students in the areas of:
    food, media and marketing and you
    nourishing the body inside and out
    waste in our food system.

Our Urban Farm internships and apprenticeships  give young farmers a chance to work with our Urban Farmer, Nick Storrs and gain hands-on experience.  These internships cover three general categories:   farming, social media and education.

If you are interested please contact:

The Learning  Garden offers a number of ways for individuals to become involved in the farm:
Individuals can volunteer on Tuesday mornings at The Learning Garden.

Corporations or organizations can contact us about organizing a volunteer day in the garden.  In past years, volunteers have built raised beds, constructed trellises and rice paddies, planted new starts, mulched pathways and built fences.

We are always looking for help, and for new opportunities to connect with individuals or organizations in the our community.  Contact us with your ideas.
If you are interested please contact:

All of excess produce goes to commuity-based soup kitchens.  If you have you know of a group in need, please contact:

If you know of a foundation or grant opportunity that you think can help further our goals, please let us know:

The Learning Garden has received support from Goldman Sachs, GrowNYC, Momofuku Restaurant Group, Jamba Juice It’s All About Fruit And Veggies Grant in 2012.

We are happy to work with corporate and organization volunteers to design a program to help your organization reach it’s philanthropic goals,
Please contact:

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